kölner forum medienrecht


Connecting media experts and their expertise.

As co-initiator of the kölner forum medienrecht (kfm), FREY Rechtsanwälte has been connecting representatives from business, politics and science for many years  to promote professional discourse on current and upcoming media related topics, covering legal, political and economic aspects. Kfm serves as a networking platform, bringing together these players and their expertise and thereby promoting the popularity of Cologne as an important media location.

Other co-founders of the kfm are the Institute for Media Law at the University of Cologne, the deutsche medienakademie köln (German Media Academy Cologne) and the Media Office of the City of Cologne. An event has been held once a year since 2007. It serves as a platform to discuss current issues in media law and to provide solutions and expertise. Lecturers and participants come from the region, the whole of Germany and the EU. In recent years, the event has covered a wide range of current issues in media law, copyright law, sports law and liability law.

The 15th annual event on the topic of „Data law in the media“ took place on June 24, 2023.

More background information on the kölner forum medienrecht and the events can be found at www.koelner-forum-medienrecht.de