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Our customized services are comprehensive.

FREY Rechtsanwälte is one of the leading law firms in media, copyright, sports, IT and data law as well as in intellectual property law.

We enforce your interests nationally and internationally, in several languages and we represent your interests in front of German courts such as in front of courts of the European Union.

Digitization progresses bring a lot of new challenges companies must address. As your strategic partner we explore with you the legal room for manoeuvre and develop sound and sustainable solutions. With foresight for legally relevant amendments, we keep you up-to-date and offer you legal certainty. Our services also include the preparation of legal opinions.

Due to versatile legal scientific activities, we are always up to date: We regularly publish articles in the established legal journals and are editor or co-author in many standard legal works in media and sports law as well as in intellectual property law. Whether as legal experts at public hearings in the German Bundestag or as lecturers in media and sports law, we are at the centre of legal and political discourse.

Our specialization and proven technical as well as economic expertise allow us to always offer you excellent and timely solutions. Our motivation is your success!

IT-Law and Digitization

The use of new technologies is leading to massive upheavals in all sectors of the economy. Companies are confronted with a multitude of legal challenges that have to be mastered along the entire value chain.

Copyright and Collecting Societies

The focus here is primarily on exploitation rights, statutory remuneration claims or moral rights. Personal intellectual creations are to be protected against unjustified use. The scope of copyright issues is complex.

Media and Advertising Law

Media law regulates the handling of publications of all kinds, whether analog or digital. Whether as a medium for information and advertising, as a means of entertainment or as a marketing channel – media and their providers are subject to a large number of increasing regulatory requirements and official supervision. In addition, private-law relationships must be managed in the media sector.

Press Law and Right of Expression

As the “fourth estate,” the press has numerous privileges but also special duties. Legal issues in the law governing the press and the right to express opinions are usually played out in the area of tension between freedom of opinion, freedom of the press or the public’s interest in information on the one hand and the individual’s right to privacy on the other.

Industrial Property Rights

In order to protect intangible assets, various regulations and laws exist, which are summarized in the “protection of industrial property”. The primary objective of industrial property protection is to prevent unfair competition and to guarantee trademark rights.


Data (Protection) Law

The Internet of Things, Big Data and the use of AI have turned data into a valuable economic asset. The amount of digital data generated in an industrial or business context is growing exponentially, and the legal challenges are increasing.

(e)Sports Law

Sport is a significant economic factor. Its value chain is long: It ranges from the production of sportswear to the transfer and marketing of players to diverse revenues from national and international sporting events. This applies not only to traditional sports, but increasingly to electronic sports, so-called eSports.


Most national law is prescribed by the European legislator. This is particularly relevant in the regulation of electronic communications, in the formulation of copyright law, data protection law, the liability of providers or platform operators, or in European antitrust and state aid law. This has significant implications for the (cross-border) competition of companies both within and outside the European Union.


The increasing complexity of business relationships also leads to more contentious disputes between players. Fast and effective action is often crucial to maintain competitive advantages, secure strategic advantages or avert damage to the company.